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How To Write Product Descriptions That Sell Template Flashcard

How To Write Product Descriptions That Sell Template Flashcard

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'The Product Description Template Machine That Sell'


You are now about to discover the Product Description Template Cheat Sheet never been created before. Your new business essential tool that will allow you to list more products in your store and optimize your SEO at the same time, in the quickest way possible.

Look, I get it, you've spent so much time making your handmade products, posting on social media, taking and updating your product pictures, thinking about the next winning idea, the last thing you want to do now is to sit down and loose your hair, thinking for hours on how to craft and write a good product description that finally converts your store's visitors into buyers, not even knowing if this will actually be efficient to bring you sales in!


I have spent hours and hours, pouring my heart and soul into it till the best version it could be - This is a unique template, based on proven techniques to turn a boring product description into a high converting machine one so you can influence your audience and sell more with your copy and the power of words. Small Business owners will be swearing by it for the time they will gain from this template. Because we know now that time is money! 😭


You can now spend all your attention on the money-making tasks, creating new products and list more of them the easy way without going completely crazy and turning into circles, copy-pasting competitors' sentences, getting found on the keywords you want to rank for.

Now, you're crafting your product description the easy way, that's directly speaking to your target audience and taping into their feelings so you start influencing your audience and making consistent sales while not having to worry anymore about your product description and SEO.

Just try it out! It's kinda shocking (and magical!) how easy it is to implement! Fill-in-the blanks. Nothing else.


Upstrider is now also offering (a guarantee with every product we offer) as we deeply want you to get the best out of each tool you will be using for your business so you can contact us at any time at or send us a direct message, for a 1:1 completely free support if needed.


  • CONTENT: Digital templates with guidance + Real example + 1:1 guarantee.

Upstrider is all about helping driven ambitious small business owners selling on Etsy and Shopify to launch, grow and scale their product-based business through tools, resources, community, and constant support so join the community of over 4500+ engaged like-minded people!

Fun fact: This product description has been crafted directly from this template! Grab this template and start using it for your website and listings, so your SEO starts kicking in from today!

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