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How To Build a Money-Making Email List Training

How To Build a Money-Making Email List Training

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Discover the new training "How to build a money-making email list" training!

This training is for every small business owner out there that are serious about driving daily traffic to their store, build a strong relationship with their audience, nurture them and get THOSE SALES.


- What can you do with a list?
- Why do you absolutely need one?
- What email provider should you go for?
- What strategy to use with your email campaigns?
- What can you send your list?
- How it works exactly?
- Then, what lead magnet can you create?
- Don't make this mistake.
- Lead Magnet Ideas
- How to create an opt-in form?
- How to deliver your lead magnet?
- How to craft your first lead magnet delivery?
- How to set up your first welcome email sequence?
- How to make sure they do open your emails?
- 100+ Email Subject Lines to steal
- How do you get your followers + store's visitors on your list?
- How to create QR codes?
- How many emails is "too much emails"?
- Email campaigns: what are they and how to create one?
- BONUS: Lead Magnet templates
- Notes
- AND beyond...

Everything you need to know about building an email list, and monetising it is here.

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