The 30K+ Formula™

Discover 'The 30K+ Formula' — a curated collection of tools and resources to help you achieve £30,000+/month consistently through digital products. Explore the 30K+ Starter Kit, The 30K+ Plan, The 30K+ Bootcamp and more to monetise your skills and passions effectively. And live life on your terms.

  • The 30K+ Starter Kit™ (FREE)

    This is where everything begins. The 30K+ Starter Kit™ provides foundational resources and strategic insights essential for starting your journey to financial freedom through digital products. This comprehensive, FREE package offers a clear roadmap and a holistic view of the steps necessary to build a successful online business. You will gain clarity and actionable steps to kickstart your path today.

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  • The 30K+ Plan from Upstrider logo

    The 30K+ Plan™

    The 30K+ Plan™ is your personalised, structured, and chronological roadmap to achieving £30,000/month in passive income through digital products. Tailored to your unique skillset and knowledge base, this step-by-step action blueprint provides detailed guidance on what to do, why each step is crucial, and how to execute effectively, regardless of your starting point.

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  • The 30K+ Bootcamp™

    (Coming soon 🔥) Immerse yourself in our upcoming intensive 3-day Bootcamp, designed to accelerate your journey towards earning £30,000/month from digital products. Currently in development, we're working diligently to bring you advanced strategies, hands-on training, and personalised guidance to scale your business effectively in the digital marketplace. Stay tuned for updates on its launch!

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