RECORD BLUEPRINT: My Journey to £91.8K in 4 Weeks

RECORD BLUEPRINT: My Journey to £91.8K in 4 Weeks

Wednesday 6th March.

It's getting very repetitive, but I have again generated 4 figures from selling digital products in the last 24h, just because I'm applying the same system over and over.

Here is how I do it, and how anyone should too.

Before, let's break things down:

On Etsy, within the last 24h, my store has generated 118 sales. My digital products are selling every day.

On socials, I have generated about £3,080 from my 2 offers.

From selling information. From selling digital products. From selling digital templates, guidance and tools. From sharing what I learned since l've started my e-com journey in 2020, on Etsy and on social media.



As a busy French mum of 2 who's coming from abroad.

Someone who doesn't even speak an academic English or hold a single degree, or have a professional background beyond waitressing...

I have NEVER accepted excuses for myself.

I'm very harsh on myself because I don't want to settle for anything less than I deserve. Don't for yourself. Stop trying to find excuses about WHY YOU CAN'T, or why you won't never be able to quit whatever you're doing now - to finally get to work on something for YOU, FROM YOU TO YOU.

You first need to understand WHAT IT IS THAT YOU WANT. What do you want? How do you want to spend your days? Your life? Your weeks? Your holidays? What do you want????

Did you ever ask yourself this question?






To achieve that - you've got to understand freaking fundamentals.

I want you to read these next lines very carefully. So you understand how things work together.

ANYONE CAN. No matter your background, your 'tech' skills, your degrees, your age... no excuses.



I don't have my mum anymore with me unfortunately... but I would have loved to show her the entire set up if I could — to tell her what I now know...

My mum was overworked.

Unhappy. Unfulfilled. Unvalued. Misunderstood. She was working as a nurse in France. She used to give it her ALL...

And she suffered. Too many hours. Too little rewards. The conditions she worked in were terrible. She was tired.

Depressed. Underpaid.

She died from cancer when I was 22yo. The cancer didn't kill her. She died from a life that was too hard.

My life changed forever since.

I would have loved to know everything I know today. So I would have saved her. She had so much to give. So much to share. But it stopped there. She could have had a total different life.

I don't have the ability to change her path anymore.

But I changed mine. I will make sure my kids do start with the right tools and knowledge. And anyone I can inspire on my way.



So here is how I do this:

1️⃣ I solve a problem. l offer a clear transformation. I solve a problem and making it extremely clear to others, to my audience. I know my audience intimately. I know what they want/need. So l know what to create for them to fix anything that they struggle with.


2️⃣ I have created in-demand and HOT solutions. The right digital products and the right offers. And will continue to do so. I know exactly what to create that ppl will pay me for, as I know exactly how to look for these information.

3️⃣ I learned how to master Etsy, and content. And most importantly, I have learnt HOW TO SELL. I have understood how to structure my listings on Etsy, how to set up my sale pages, how to create content THAT SELLS. I'm now able to sell and promote anything (a product, a service, an offer) through emails, stories, short forms videos, listings and sales pages. I apply the same principles, to different formats. I'm able to get found, and convert. Over and over. And this isn't because of what I sell. But because of what I understood. And from what I apply every single day.

This is all about marketing formulas.

The way I structure my digital products.

The elements I include on my stories to sell my offers.

The way I craft my listings on Etsy.

The way I craft my sales pages.


Everything I do is intentional.


You've got to understand that there are specific things that your audience NEEDS to know, understand to be able to desire what you sell.

So they can buy from you.

Communicating through your Etsy listings, your emails and your stories/content on social media is CRUCIAL.


Once you MASTER these 3 steps.

And you can get to your first £1000... £2000 month...

Because you serve.

 This is exactly how I've generated £91.8K within the last 4 weeks from my 2 offers alone.

👉⁠ ⁠MRR Digital Products Library
👉⁠ ⁠The 30k+ Personalised Plan


Client Journey: Rosine just signed-up.

This is what will happen for Rosine too - a client who just signed up for her 30k+ personalised plan yesterday.

A single mum of a 5yo girl. Who went through so much difficulties in her life. But who is ready for a big change and hungry for more.

She is a teacher. But don't want to get back to in-person educating, teaching for hours, and earning almost nothing.

She is absolutely passionate about everything digital and passive income.
And wants to share what she learned to others — and start selling PLR and
MRR digital products to provide assets to others small businesses. And earn money passively.


I haven't yet crafted her plan as she literally just signed up but here is how it will turn out >>>>

After signing up yesterday, she filled her self-assessment form for me to dig into who she is, hobbies, skillset, passions, etc... for me to determine and understand the exact niche we will be evolving in.

1️⃣ Problem she will be solving: I will get clear on her audience and the transformation we want to offer. I will determine the exact problem we want to solve here. And go through some market research to understand her audience (their goals, their pain points, what they want, what they need, what they scared of)

2️⃣ Solutions she will be creating: I will then ask her to create IN-DEMAND solutions: a few small digital products, ONE mid-ticket and ONE high-ticket offer based on our market research and on what sells well already. We don't want to do NEW. We want to take what works and create our own versions. I will also asked her to create a product recommendation quiz with Al, and free hot digital products for he to build her email list and following.

3️⃣ Platforms she will be selling them on: I will then give her all the steps to take to create her listings and rank 1st on Etsy the same way as I do and what to talk about/what to show everyday on her stories to be able to grow her following and SELL her offers through her stories and videos.



I will create a video on Instagram (@upstrider) and another blog post to document everything soon.


But she's ready.

digital business plan for digital products


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