Vision board.

Vision board.


Last year, when I lived in London before moving here to the south of the UK, we used to live just in front of this huge house. Every day, I would wake up and see that house and the cars parked nearby.

I think this landloard had about 3 or 4 cars.

And I remember thinking ‘what is this guy doing?’
'What is he doing more than I don't do and how come can he afford everything that he wants?'

He was going on holidays a few times a year.
Seems always home and available.

And from that day I thought...

I’m going to have a car one day.
I’m going to have a house myself.

And every day I would wake up to this view.
And I would say.. You know what, this is my life.
This is the way I want to live as well.
I want to live comfortable
I want to live free.
I want to be able to go on holidays whenever I want.
And I want to have my family with me.
I want to decide the way I want to live.

And basically, that day I had some reflection with myself.
I thought - let’s have a seat properly, and take the time to think.
And let’s draw my life the way I want.
And so I got a piece of paper, and started to list everything I wanted.
The exact way I wanted it to be.
Some sort of vision board.

And I went to get pictures online.
And so that day I knew EXACTLY the car I wanted.
The model I wanted. The colour.
And here we go.


That day, it was the day I’m finally buying my car.
If you want something, put it on paper.

Know exactly what, when, where and how.

I have followed my plan.
Put together my foundations.
And kept following my steps.

And keep doing it today.

It's a question of self-discipline and consistency.

The 30K+ Plan

This is the only way you will get what you want
Because you will break down every single steps to get there.

And how to get it.

And what you will have to do to get there.

What you’re going to have to implement.

What you’re going to have to change within your life, within your routine, within your habits to get what you want. 


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