This email made me pull over... I had to reply...

This email made me pull over... I had to reply...

Ok - so here is what happened.
This is the email I've received yesterday, from Jonathan, after he applied for his personalised plan.
'I’m a father of two gorgeous little girls and I’m married to the best woman you can imagine.
But I have one big problem that is killing me.
My job.
Not only that I’m working away from home and seeing my family 2 days a week.
But it’s actually killing me for real.'
I was driving home when I received this email. So the notification popped on my phone - and I had to pull out as I couldn’t stop myself to read further.
It says:
'I’ll do anything it takes.
In order to live the life I’m dreaming of.
The life my family deserves.
I tried to write this mail in a way to really show you that I’m serious about this.
And I really hope you'll think about my request.'
I'm going to be honest - I've met many determined people online since I’ve started Upstrider and helping others to build their business online, and make money.



MRR digital products library upstrider
I'm working with them right now… guiding them through with their personalised sales plans.
But there is something different about him.
It’s when you become completely FED UP about your routine and your situation that you become the most dangerous version of yourself - determined, self-disciplined, hungry for more.
When you have nothing to lose.
Stress is the only condition under which your body and mind will ever perform miracles…
I’m not talking about being just a bit bored or tired and still willing to repeat it the next day.
I’m talking about when you really can’t take it anymore.
When you’re ready to change.
When your goal and desire for change surpass the boring tasks and new habits you need to adopt to reach it.
It reminded me of myself when I used to be a waitress, working 10 to 12 hours a day. Every day, I would go there thinking, ‘It can't be like this... for my entire life. I can't, I won't be able to. Imagine when I will have kids... Imagine going to the same place every day, working for someone else, never really being able to decide anything, and having to work with different colleagues I didn't choose.’
So I understand.
People ready to do what it takes WILL get there. It’s so cliché, but deeply promising to yourself that you will have to win will make you win.
So I sent him an email telling him exactly that… that he could do and achieve anything he sets his mind to.
Because everything starts the day you decide to control your mind.
I reviewed his application as soon as I got home. And of course, I accepted it right away.
The issue is: he says he lacks design skills.
BUT you DO NOT need any design skills. Don’t let this to stop you starting/growing or scaling a business online, and selling.
Independently of his personalised 30k+ plan, he can also join my MRR (Master Resell Rights) digital products library.
Getting the Master Resell Rights library access along with your personalised 30k+ plan will accelerate your productivity and so - success.
You have access to the most in-demand niches, many different existing bestselling digital products inside that are already created, and ready to resell.
The MMR library basically can be used to:
- resell the same library with the MRR rights too, as a whole, to others the same way as I do myself (selling to the small business owners niche)
- resell the same library but only keeping a specific category of products (selling to a specific niche)
- resell digital products individually
You can use the products to add value to your existing listings by offering them as massive bonuses. Or offer them as freebies to collect email addresses and build your email list, by skipping the lengthy product creation process.
Mentees usually get both the plan and purchase the MRR library rights so they have the assets with them frm day 1 + my entire setup in their plan.
Here are the direct links so you have access to them too:
The MRR Digital Product Library:
The 30k+ Personalised Plan (on application only - 1 spot left.):
That's what Jonathan did - he signed up for his plan and purchase the MRR.
I will document his entire plan in another email as soon as we deliver it to him next week 🙏🥹


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