Received new £4,000 payouts this week 🔥 from selling my marketing plan following these steps >>

Received new £4,000 payouts this week 🔥 from selling my marketing plan following these steps >>

stripe payout from selling digital offers
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Upstrider sales payout from selling digital products
This week, I've received a few new payouts from my digital offers:
The 30K+ Plan™ and the Digital Products Library™.
By actually following the steps found in the marketing plan itself.
It took me basically about 90 days to understand how to sell it online and get to my first £30,000 a month.
I even hit my record a few months ago in March, and made £125,000 in a month. This was a crazy month.
Now if I do this, ANYONE CAN TOO and sell their digital products or courses by following this exact same plan, BUT personalised to them.
Because it's all about the same formula.
Again and again.
It's all about understanding fundamentals.
And replicate them once you realise that they work.
I've been always testing testing testing.
Until I've made 1 sale. 2 sales. And then my first 10, etc...
And trying to pinpoint what worked. And replicate it for another listing, or product. Until I noticed a pattern.
Here is how it goes:
So first, I basically started by identifying ONE in-demand problem that I wanted to solve.
Here, we don’t want to do new, we want to take what works already and do better.
I’ve been selling digital products successfully for a while now on Etsy around sales and marketing.
So I’ve decided to help ppl monetise their own knowledge and reach their first 30k a month.
And to be able to generate money and sell my offers daily, I’m leveraging an Etsy store, emails and social media.
Now - After making sure that this was a winning idea and validating it with the market research steps.
I had to make sure that I would create the right products for my audience,
I just had to plug in my problem solving idea, and then run specific AI prompts to know more about my audience.
So I discovered that they were struggling with finding the right niche, creating the right products and convert ppl into sales.
So I had to recreate my own versions of existing bestsellers that targets these specific pain points and struggles.
So a niche down workbook, a SEO ebook, a few templates, a library of digital products and a the 30k+ marketing plan
I then had to set up a sales page for it running an AI prompt again.
I set up also automations and tags to make sure that ppl who purchase the plan receive access to it.
I even set up all my graphics and text using specific prompts too, fast and easy.
👉 Through emails.
As part of the plan, I’m offering a FREE digital product that outlines the key steps people need to take to achieve £30K per month.
This serves as a tester of the marketing plan itself to give them value first.
I offer this for free in exchange of their contact details, for me to build my email list and my social media following.
So that people start receiving emails when they join my list. Each email I craft follows simple storytelling steps designed to drive sales.
👉 Through Etsy.
I then listed my low ticket items on Etsy.
Each of them is following my perfect mach listing and pricing strategy, my SEO method, automations and creatives templates.
Each listing on Etsy will then direct buyers towards my main offer, the 30K+ Plan itself.
Following these methods, I’ve now reached 154,000 sales so far on Etsy alone.
👉 Through Social media.
I also created my own social media strategy using the same storytelling steps for my stories and videos. To keep driving my followers to my sales page and convert.
With this exact same set up, tons of members have already generated tons of sales on Etsy and tones of digital offer sales.
Which is completely insane to me.
People are learning how to sell online based on this specific 30K+ Plan™.
And I can’t be more excited and proud right now.
Each task of this plan contains built-in AI prompts designed to help anyone personalise and implement the steps and methods super fast, tailored to their own niche.
The 30K+ Plan™ gives you everything you need to know and do.
This is how you build a business that brings you 30K+ a month consistently using an Etsy store and social media, based on something you already know.
Anyone can leverage something that they already know.
Anyone can create or resell a course full of value to help someone achieve a specific outcome.
Anyone can learn how to market it using an Etsy store with small products to leverage for taregted traffic, throguh emails and content.
The digital products industry is BOOMING. 🔥
Jump on it now. Know how to recognise opportunities.
And learn HOW TO SELL.
Any offer.
Any product.
On any platform.
Following this method.
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