I'm closing the day at £5,602 today. Here is how >>

I'm closing the day at £5,602 today. Here is how >>

Wednesday 28 February 一 11.11pm


Another day.
And I will be closing the day at £5,600+ from digital offers that I sell through my Instagram stories and short-form videos this evening.

Also made about 130 sales extra on Etsy, within the last 24h.
So the store is now at 142,378 Sales.


Here is exactly how.
Please - brainstorm on that. Screenshot/print that out.
Read it at different times so you can reflect on it.
1️⃣ I master my niche and my audience. My niche is extremely clear. I take my people from a situation A to a situation B. I solve a problem. I offer a clear transformation. WHAT TRANSFORMATION DO YOU OFFER? Who do you want to help? And HOW?
2️⃣ I sell IN-DEMAND solutions. I know my people intimately. I know how they think. I know who they are. How they feel. Their fears. Their objections. Their goals. Their dreams. The words they use. What they want. What they need. I know what they desire. I know why they struggle. And I know how to bring them to RESULTS through my digital products. I create IN-DEMAND SOLUTIONS. (digital REPLICATE.
Here is what I have in place in terms of products and offers:
👉 Low ticket offers:
👉 Mid-ticket offer:
👉 High-ticket offer:
3️⃣ I master selling on Etsy, through emails and social media. I know how to rank 1st on Etsy for ANY PRODUCTS. For any listings. Within any niche. It's simple. It's an easy formula. You just need to play with the placement of your keywords. I know exactly how to convert my visits into sales. My listings convert at around 7-10%. Specific words, specific research, specific thumbnails and elements to include. I know how to redirect customers to an email list. I know WHAT TO POST ON MY STORIES to help people to know me, to trust me, to desire what I sell. It's a skill. I know what to include on my emails, sales pages, products.
I follow my own plan daily.
I know exactly what to do, every morning. It's clear.
Repetitive? Yes, for sure.
Boring? Yes - it gets boring because I don't have to be 'creative' anymore. I follow what works, my own templates, my own formulas, elements to include and tools for my content, my emails, my listings.
But efficient and powerful? Hell. Yes.
And you'll never have to worry about a bill ever.
Your mindset and how you talk to yourself 100% affects your potential, your results and your outcome.
Much more than you even realise.
I'm a winner. I'm winning. It's all about 'how can I push this business further in the next 24h'. Do you? How do you talk to yourself? How do you plan your days? What do you think everyday when you wake up? What goals have you got?
I deep-worked a few hours today. And could spend the rest of the day with my girls. We're homeschooling them so it is very important that I have time for them, alongside the business.
Wake up.
And stay focus.


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