blog post about why I wear black clothes every day

I wear black clothes every day since 3 years, and here is why.

Today, someone who follows my journey asked me why I was wearing black clothes every day and here is my answer.

You may want to do the same after reading this blog post. :)

Honestly, I used to love spending hours dressing up. I've been the type of teenager girl that used to spend hours picking the right top that would go well with the right jean, etc... 

I enjoyed looking good, feeling good.


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When I became a waitress, I would spend 2h before getting out and going to work in front of the mirror, spending time putting make up on, straightening my hair, I would even iron my clothes. Something that I haven't done since ages!

I was in my twenties.

And I'm 30 now. Almost 31.


I became a mum. I'm now a mum of 2 clever and full of life little girls.

My priorities have changed completely.

I'm not anymore acting for ME, but for US as a pack.

I could go ON and ON but let me give you my 2 biggest reasons for that.

If you're parent yourself, I'm sure you will agree: Every freaking minute counts. I honestly have only a few hours in a day to get things done, to work and grow my business and to spend as much quality time as I possibly can with my girls.

And basically... JUST THE FACT to have to decide what I will be wearing is extremely time consuming.

This is just a decision that I refuse to take every morning.

I refuse to spend an hour or two hours a day to get ready. Because during this time, I feel like I could just do something more productive.

My time and your time is extremely valuable. For you, for your business, for your family.

BUT this isn't the only reason.

It helps me to step up into the most disciplined version of myself. It's the same feeling as having to wear a uniform when you work for someone else.

Wearing the same type of clothes every day really makes me feel like I'm on duty.

I owe myself to show up every day.

Into the most self-disciplined version of ME. Into my best SELF.


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Right now, we literally set up a room that we call 'closet' where I basically stock all my black t-shirts, polo and jumpers + black trousers in different boxes for easy access.

No ironing. No time wasting.

Tell me I'm not alone. 😬


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