Midnight, and I've made £6,276 today 🤯 from my MRR library + my plan.

Midnight, and I've made £6,276 today 🤯 from my MRR library + my plan.

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Monday 26th February

— at 23:59pm


The day is ending, it's now almost midnight in the UK right now and I've generated over £6,200 from my own social media stories and videos today.

My Etsy store also generated 159 sales within the last 24h too...
And I was away all day long today.
We drove to South London to meet a family member.
She bought a restaurant, refurbished it and made it at her image - and runs it on her own with her husband. Something I value so much and celebrate. (La Cucina Di Ina - you HAVE TO TRY their italian food... if you are visiting London, it's a MUST!)


Check the place here >>>> HERE


While I was on the way to the place, I've made quite a few sales from Etsy.
The phone kept ringing. I became obsessed with this sound. I even leave it ON at night. 😅
When I was wating, I also sold one 30k+ personalised sales plan.
By the time we were leaving, 2 of my Master Resell Rights digital products Library sold too.
Imagine just one second how it feels...
Because - I promise you - it never feels like 'normal'. Every day, I feel a indescribable fulfilment.
One day, I took the decision to share my knowledge, experience and obsession about a specific topic and decided to help others by sharing what I knew...
I took the decision to write and create.
Remember in life, you've got 2 types of people:
- Consumers.
- Creators.
Consumers pay.
Creators get paid.
I created simple ebooks, guides, challenges, tools, checklists, workbooks. With my own words. My own story.
I shared all my tips. All my reasoning. What worked and still works for me.
And learnt how to sell.
I've started with Etsy, because Etsy has already a huge audience and received about 500 million of visitors each month... from all over the world.
This marketplace is an amazing asset for me - and for whoever wants to use it and master it. It allows me to be found daily, automatically, without doing much on it anymore.
My listings are all set up in a very specific simple way. I craft my titles, tags and product description in a very specific way - I use a perfect match strategy that allows me to rank 1st on the keywords I want to rank for. My thumbnails too. My pricing too. My automation, email list building strategy and follow ups... And I've learned my own methods, tools and templates by doing looooots of tweaks and research...
And decided to share it all in a plan with chronological steps to take and implement.
I didn't want to put a generic course together - I wanted something personalised and tailored to each case, each situation, each niche.
I help people who are literally just starting out.
But I also help established business owners that are struggling to gain more traffic or conversions, and scale everything out on Etsy and socials.
With tailored straightforward instructions, clear explanations, to let people with one thing to do >>> taking action.
In order to understand a formula or a reasoning completely, I always have the need to apply it to different case scenario to see if it makes sense.
And if it works.
And it does.
For me. Daily. And for people that decided that there was no plan B for them either.
For those that are getting obsessed with their results.
With their sales.
With their income.
I feel grateful every day for what I have built.
I wish you the same.
I wish you to make a ton of money this year.
I wish you to start. Grow. And scale.
I wish you to become so accountable of your own life and results that you leave yourself no gaps for excuses.
You have to start realising that you do NOT need to be an expert in anything to start creating or re-selling your own digital products.
Your own digital files.
You are qualified to start a business. To grow a business.
There is only ONE life here. We're given some time to be here, a few years to make an impact, to be known for SOMETHING, to create, to share and earn what we deserve to get the life we want.
So we can share even more.
So we can give, look after or create more.
Give yourself the permission to start, or to work on something you've already started.
If I can while being a busy mum of 2, without any degree and cooming from abroad, anyone can.
Here is a harsh truth though:
You will overestimate what you can do in a week.
But I promise you, you do underestimate what can be done in a year time.
To generate this much money a day, and let's say, to reach your first 30k month, I'm sorry to break it to you, but it will be BORING.
The tasks are BORING.




They're boring for me too - I assure you. 😅
Nothing complicated as you get a template, a tool or a formula to apply for almost any tasks that I ask you to implement. BUT they're boring and repetitive.
It's all about doing what works and... repeat.
To each product you create.
To each listing you create.
To each blog post you create.
To each story you write/post on Instagram.
To each people you have to reach out after their order, etc... etc... etc...
Formulas, tools, templates... work. When applied.
Some give up when they have to be consistent for DAYS.
People don't lack skills or abilities. They lack consistency.
I hope this fuels you. And brings out the best out of you, whether you're reading it this evening in the UK or at any time of the day anywhere in the world.
You're the main character of your own movie. It's your life. Take control back of your results, your routine, your goals to get what you want from this life.
Chat soon x




The MRR Digital Product Library:
👉 https://upstrider.systeme.io/digitalproductsplr
The 30k+ Personalised Plan (on application only):
 👉 https://upstrider.systeme.io/30plus-direct
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