Etsy Upstrider sales from digital products 2024

Reaching 140,354 Etsy sales today!

This morning, I woke up to 140,354 Sales on Etsy, from selling digital products.

From products created months ago.

From digital files that people can purchase and download instantly.

This is 100 sales more than yesterday.

It's mad.

And to think, I almost didn't start.

I’m literally running my business from my phone… everyday. I will even go further: from my living room.


I'm using to track my daily sales. And track my competitors sales.


Imagine the possibilities. You can literally reach the world over a fraction of seconds when you understand how this entire set up works.


upstrider living room office

Your first determine who you want to help, and what you want them to achieve.


- What tips do you want to use?

- What topic do you usually give advice about?

- What do you know a bit more than others?

- What do you want to be known for?

- What do you see yourself sharing around? 

You then have to understand your audience IN and OUT, and create solutions for them.


You can start with mini digital products, and sell them on Etsy.

You can also create bigger offers, bigger solutions, and sell them/market them on your socials: TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, etc...


Your possibilities are endless.


upstrider etsy sales desk

We're literally entering a new era.


You can use your tips, your expertise, your experience, your knowledge... and turn that into an evergreen digital business, that brings you money daily.

And fulfil you.


etsy sales upstrider

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