Finding Freedom - A Day in the Life of a Work-From-Home Mum of 2

Finding Freedom - A Day in the Life of a Work-From-Home Mum of 2

Yesterday, we took some time off with the girls outside the house - and it was amazing!

Refreshing. Needed.

We drove to London for the afternoon to meet family members, and spend time together.

Got the Porsche. I insisted to drive it! As always! haha

My husband and I always argue about who gets to drive it! 🤣

It was my DREAM CAR. My Porsche Panamera. I manifested, I worked hard for it... and got it.

I knew exactly how I wanted it to be.

And I don't get to drive it very often haha because I don't move from home really often unless we travel.


driving porsche panamera

 black porsche panamera parked

It sounds cliché, but I never regret ANYTHING.

I even told myself yesterday that the car was an investment. It was a gift to myself. Inside, I feel good, it's clean and new, it smells amazingly good. It helps me to feel confident, it makes me feel like I can get anything I want.

Over and over.

Yes, it was bloody expensive... but how worth it. No regrets. Love my car so much.

Back to our day!

It's so important for me to spend quality time with my girls - even when running this business full time from home and homeschooling them at the same time.

I want to take the time to spend quality time - If this even makes sense saying it this way!

The plan was to get some work done while the girls would be spending time with their grand parents for an hour or 2 at a fun fair. And we would then meet all together afterwards for the rest of the afternoon.


upstrider anne maud daughters

 anne maud daughters

We wanted a calm and clean place where the girls could play around while we could connect - so we choose to meet at the Hilton, at the lounge upstairs.

We left the girls with their grandparents and made our way to the hotel lounge.

We've ordered a cheese platter, with a small charcuterie board. Some water. And we went into deep work.

We usually have our headsets ON, so we don't distract each other.

The food was incredible. The view was breathtaking. I absolutely love seeing the skyscrapers, and all those city lights all around like that.

This felt like FREEDOM.

I was there, working, making money... while enjoying my time.

I'm not entirely sure why I'm so drawn to it, but I have this dream of living in a big city, right in the bustling heart of the busiest borough. Seeing everyone awake, people working during the day/during the night, it just breathes life.

 upstrider sales

spending quality time at hilton wembley

anne maud upstrider donald from upstrider

After that, we went to a library in Wembley.


Until now, I used to buy all the books for Ivy-Rose and Charlotte. But just realised that you could actually rent as many books as you wanted, and bring them back once done. I used to do this when I was kid... and it brings me back to amazing memories.


So we picked a few books. 17 in total... 😅


Good luck to me to read these all with them before bedtime!


Instead of buying 1000's different books for the kids, this is the best option so far. Renting them, and exchanging them for new ones as soon as they're done.


anne maud from upstrider at library wembleyanne maud from upstrider reading book at wembley library

upstrider daughters at the library wembley reading books

We then had 2h way back home, so I could work on customer support, and reviewed a personalised plan I was working on.

The idea is to look for FREEDOM in everything I do.

Yesterday was a great reminder of what's important to me: family, goals and dreams, and freedom.

From driving my dream car to relaxing in the hotel lounge, it was all about enjoying the moment with the people I love - my family, my people.

It's not just about getting what we want or having fancy things, but about being happy with what we have and spending time with those who matter most.

Here's to making the most of every day and cherishing the simple joys in life...

Fight for the life you want... Build and create YOURS by taking actions daily towards that.

I did work hard for what I have today.

BUT at the end of the day, everything is hard.

Not living the life you want is hard.

Fighting to get the one you want is hard too.

But do you know what they say? Choose your hard.


Anne x

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Thank you for sharing this Anne! Love your family and the way you are. 🤍


Love this so much. The idea of renting the books rather than buying, supporting local libraries, an essential part of the community, and an eco, environmentally conscious way too. I love that you drive your car, why Not? You worked bloody hard for it. I admire and aspire to your way of life… 🥰🥳


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