Closed the day at £2,197 completely passively from digital products following a plan.

Closed the day at £2,197 completely passively from digital products following a plan.


Yesterday, I’ve made £2,197 completely passively from selling my high-ticket offer while I took my 2 daughters out on a family play date with their cousins simply because I strictly followed a plan.

And implemented specific steps and strategies to sell it.

Using an Etsy store to get found.

Using automated emails and social media to sell it.

This is insane.

The power of a digital product is insane.



Anyone can replicate the same.

It's a system.

Here is the exact plan that I followed myself and still follow:

I basically solve ONE specific problem to a specific group of people. I help people start, grow, and scale their digital product-based business. I help them go from NOTHING to reach their first £30K/month. And make it consistent. Through digital products and support.

This has been decided upfront. Everything starts from here.

I used to sell on Etsy so I had a very good understanding on how the platform works. I tried and tested so many different things since 2020. I know how to rank 1st easily, and know how to maximise conversions from a single listing.

And convert as many people as I possibly can from the visits I receive on a daily basis.

So at first, when I first started, I was simply helping people reaching their first 30 sales on Etsy.

And created a few products and a plan to get them there.



So from the beginning, I knew:

Who I wanted to help.
How I wanted to serve.

I knew where I wanted to take people to.

From a point A to a point B.

BUT since then, I evolved. And I now help people reach their first £30,000 a month. Because I understood how to create upsells – to sell outside Etsy – and sell them through an email list and specific content on social media.



I then had to understand what my audience was struggling with.

I did some market research. And understood their pain points.

I understood what their fears was. Their objections. What they were struggling with. And what stops them to get there. And sell their offers.

The idea is to create a few offers/solutions at different price points:

👉 Low ticket products for Etsy to use as lead magnets
👉 High-ticket offer + upsells

Your main high-ticket offer can be a plan, a course or a program to live by.

That will take your audience to where you want them to go.

And create a few more upsells to offer them down the line once they purchase the main one.

And to FOCUS on improving it ALMOST EVERY DAY based on questions I receive from my members, feedback, mini struggles they had when going through a specific task.

Eg: A member told me they were having trouble choosing a good 'cover title' for their lead magnet to make it as interesting as possible for their audience. I had the same problem before but didn't think to add it to the plan. Just did add that point right after it.

The 30K+ Plan grows with my audience. It's important to keep updating it to reduce back-and-forth support emails and avoid frustration.



Then to sell my offers, I'm using a specific system:

👉 An optimised Etsy store:

I have created a few different offers based on what sells well already to get found by the right people looking to get their issues solved:
SEO workbooks, website templates, social media templates, digital products ideas, etc... And optimised my store so it ranks first and bring sales in daily.

My Etsy store brings me daily sales, daily new email subscribers, and daily followers. An audience of buying and targeted customers.



👉 Automated Emails:

I also set up an entire system that redirect Etsy customers OUT of the platform by capturing their email addresses. They then receive emails on a daily basis from me, following my own storytelling method (taught in the plan)

👉 Social media content that sell:

I also follow a specific content strategy for my social media. I know exactly what to post on stories and on my reels to market my high ticket offer. It comes down to building a real brand identity, celebrating new members, explaining how I help them achieve their goal, how I solve problem and talking about my offers literally EVERY DAY. Following specific storytelling methods.

Because everything runs as a system, my high-ticket offer sells consistently.

And I make money DAILY.

I'm also preparing a few new exciting offers to propose to existing 30K members down the line as extra upsells.

You can always propose events, a bundle, a mentoring session or a specific help, etc...  


👉 Apply for the 30K+ Plan HERE so the team and I can work together with you on finding your own niche, your own winning product suite and get you started fast on your plan.

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