3rd Training For Public-Speaking - We're Getting Ready!

3rd Training For Public-Speaking - We're Getting Ready!

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We're getting ready!


This is our third sessions so far.


Sharing this together is one of the best that has ever happened to us. I'm blessed to be able to build with my husband.


We grow together.

We do everything together.


He's literally my best friend, supporting me for everything I want to do, always lifting me up. We are helping each other daily — sometimes I'm wondering what my life would be if we wouldn't have met...

Today, I discovered him again.


He shared about his past/ feelings - things I didn't even specifically know or heard before. He's got so much to share too - he's so ambitious, so giving, so deep.

Everything he has and built today, it's because he worked so hard for it. From nothing. From complete scratch. coming from a poor country, he made his way here, took the right decisions at the right time.

Built. Built. Built.

He never looked back. Decided to invest in himself. Learned a lot.


I can't wait for him to inspire others with his story.

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