180 sales from Etsy + £2,900 today from Instagram. Replicate this with my MRR offer.

180 sales from Etsy + £2,900 today from Instagram. Replicate this with my MRR offer.

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This morning I woke up to 141,199 Sales from my Etsy store.
Within the last 24h, I've generated 180 sales... from Etsy alone.
Hear me out because I'm offering you one of my biggest asset: one of my offer for you to resell or use for your business, for your own audience... you will replicate this for yourself this year.
You've got to recognise opportunities when they come.
Etsy ranks under any keywords you can think of, right under Amazon, on Google Search!
Social media?
Everyone is now on socials, consuming endlessly. Literally. You decide what sides you want to be on though... consuming or creating?
Digital product-based businesses?
The most profitable business ever. Profitable and extremely scalable.
Do you understand what this means? 180 sales within 24h...
And it's like this every single day... since months because everything is optimised properly.
But this is not the only income I've made today - from my living room. I've built an entire eco-system across platforms.
I also made about £2,900+ so far today, Tuesday 20th Feb, from selling my digital offers to the same audience, but on Instagram.


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My customers usually discover me on Etsy. They will then be invited to follow me on my Instagram account and will be then offered to download a free digital product of mine so I can collect their email address.
They can then learn more about what I do, discover my work and I help small business owners start, grow and scale their online business.
And I can then keep contacting them to build a relationship with them.
From selling digital products. From selling information. Templates. Tools.
One of the offer I sell daily and actually sold today is my Digital Products Library with Master Resell Rights.
This library made me over $375,000+ in the last 11 months...
A customer just asked me ‘what can I actually do with this library if I can purchase the master resell rights?’
So let me take you through the entire library and show you around while I explain you what it is and what can you do with it:
You basically get access to a library of high-quality HOT digital products with MRR (Master Resell Rights).
bestsellers digital products with master resell rights 2024
digital products with resell rights for online business



You’ve got access to lots of the most profitable niche in 2024 and many different digital products.
These products are existing Etsy bestsellers, but we’ve created our own versions.
The Master Resell Rights library can be used to:
- resell the same library as a whole the same way as I do right now (to small business owners)
- resell the same library but only keeping a specific category of products (to a niche audience)
- resell the digital products individually
Small business owners I work with usually get both the plan and the MMR library so they have the assets to get started + my entire setup in their plan to actually market it properly and sell it.


The MRR Digital Product Library:
The 30k+ Personalised Plan (on application only):
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