How To Out-Rank Your Competition With Keywords


Type your main broad keywords into search engines and then go through THE WHOLE ALPHABET. Repeat. Aim for long-tail keywords. In this example, we are looking for 'stud earrings'. Start with the letter 'A' and see what's coming next. Google will start displaying the popular searches!

a blog post explaining how to look for the best keywords


Type your main broad keyword into the 'Discover New Keywords'. Google will then give you 1000+ keywords ideas! You want to look for low competitive keyword but high search volume!

a GOOGLE KEYWORD PLANNER quick explanation



I LOVE ERANK. I swear by Erank!

It's kinda intimidating seeing it this way - I use it every week and I still don't master it properly yet BUT Erank is a goldmine. I'm using the paid version but the free is awesome to start with.

an explanation of how to look for keywords on erank



This is a Chrome Extension and a paid version but you only pay per search, it works as a credit! So you spend only what you're using. Relatively cheap. I believe they have a trial though. This one is AMAZING for your SEO, I'm using it every single day. It gives you strong insights.

an explanation about how to use keywords everywhere chrome extension


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