How To Start Showing Up As An Introvert On Social Media?

To be completely honest with you

I'm still getting used to show myself on social media.

Every single time, it feels like awkward to talk to my phone.

But I still do it anyway. I've got so much I wanna say, life is really short, I've just decided that I wont let my fear getting in the middle anymore.

Just go after the things that scares you the most, this is what's gonna make you grow. The truth is nobody cares about you and how you look. What they care about is what they can gain and what they can learn from you.

So speak up and speak loudly, own your space, talk about your brand, tell me why you started your business, what makes you keep going, tell me how your products will improve my life.

Speak up because the world is waiting to hear from you.

This video is to celebrate the old me.

Now, here are what I’ve done and said to myself (and it’s an everyday « talk » with myself, even when in doubts.👇

1️⃣ ENTIRELY FOCUS on what you can give away (info, data, inspiration, knowledge) instead of what you want to receive (likes, engagement, fame, money, sales)

2️⃣ Create a brand new account (IG or TikTok) and have it private. Start posting everyday. Discipline yourself to post once a day. Don’t show it to anyone. It’s just for you to practice.

3️⃣ Be at your best. Take the time to dress the way you want and present as you would go to a job interview or to meet your crush/date or your future in laws 😅😂. Be confident - own it.

4️⃣ Start with pictures + text, then try voiceovers, then film short sentences only and edit them to place them all together to form a long format video!

5️⃣ SCRIPT EVERYTHING you want to say. That’s what I do if I want to make sure I don’t forget anything! If I don’t script, I’m getting completely lost and end up talking about my dogs! 😂 Script it, print it in small format and tape it to your phone’s screen. Read it. NO SHAME. Start small.

Just be you. Not another version of someone else. They’re already taken. You’re unique and you’ve got something to share - people will relate to you and buy from you once you start showing the passion you’ve got for your business and what you’re creating or selling - don’t expect others to love and buy your products if you don’t love them yourself first. ♥️

Are you super shy and feel awkward too just thinking about filming it? Tell me something about you about this topic! 🙌🏼🙌🏼👇

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