How to Get Repeat and Loyal Customers?

How to Get Your Customers To Come Back For More?

When your business needs to increase revenue, where is the first place you should be looking at? Your existing customers!

They're easier to sell to, they already bought from you and trust you. They may also be on your mailing list already and following you on social media. They're already there, waiting for new launches.

  • Be relatable. Listen to them, get to know what they need and want, ask them questions as much as possible to know what they're struggling with, so you can help them with new products idea over and over. (IG polls, competition on your email list, giveaway with specific question to enter!) 
  • Go the extra mile when possible. Know when to accept a bundle price negotiation or a free Next Day Delivery free of charge, for example. (Eg: Someone once asked me for a free next day delivery for a very small order, I hesitated and finally accepted. He came back the next day and ordered for 300£+.)
  • Put your ego on the side: rectify if there is a mistake asap - even if its not your fault - contact the delivery service, track that item yourself, send that screenshot, recommend a competitor if needed. Serve rather than take.
  • Repost their contents whenever they show off your products on their social media and mention their @. Keep engaging with them and show them gratitude! You're nothing without them.
  • Offer some specific discounts for customers that have already bought. Do a Poll on your story, ask if they already bought from you - then send a 'thank you' coupon code to all of them as a thank you.
  • Add some freebies if they order a second time! Call them by their name and let them know you've noticed them!
  • Put a reward scheme in place if you're on Shopify. Launch an 'Ambassador Program' on your list and social media and start asking your customers to join your brand rep scheme by posting or sending content with the products they purchase. You decide the rules - Eg: Every month, I will select 5 customers who will then receive a full refund!
  • Be reactive and polite/friendly on your emails/messages, answering quickly make them feel heard and looked after.

What will be trying from now? Let me know in the comment section! 

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