How I Turn a Reel Into a Blog Post in 5 Seconds EVERY SINGLE DAY

So they tell you "POST" "CREATE CONTENTS" and "KEEP POSTING" !


"You need to post blog posts consistently for your SEO!"

"You need to film and edit 1 reel a day"

"You need to post 2 to 3 times a day on TikTok"

While it's absolutely true and actually NECESSARY to post content for your business, to market and promote it, the overwhelm is real.

Let me show you how to post a blog post in just 5 seconds by repurposing your reel.

We know NOW that Instagram is pushing Original content from creators.


We also know that people relate to people and we now want to see more about who is behind the logo.


Personal branding is THE FUTURE.


Your GO-TO to inspire, promote, educate and entertain?


- Voice over your products/time-lapse/etc

- Talking Reels


See next how I plan my own videos:

- I script EVERY SINGLE sentences I want to talk about on a notepad on my laptop.

I then film or add videos, record voice over, edit on "Video Leap App" on my phone.

If needs to be, I add a long caption to explain my point, more insights or a full step by step process in the comment section.

Then post it on IG, and collect every piece of written content and PUBLISH IT as a blog post. And start building a massive presence on Google too.

Add a link to your IG.


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