Turning her macramé tips into her first £30K month... >>>

Turning her macramé tips into her first £30K month... >>>


It is Thursday, 21st March..
10am in the UK. 🇬🇧
And within the last 2 days, I’ve made ... £11,000.
£11,000 from selling digital products.
Because I’ve crafted my own plan with my own tools, my owm formulas, my own understanding of things, over the past months, over the past years.
Everything started from something I knew.
From knowledge. From THIN AIR.
It is like this every day.
I’m generating from £2,000 to £10,000 a day on average depending on how active I am on my social media.
(I'm a mum of 2 under 5 - and sometimes, life really gets BUSY 🫠😅)



My Etsy store also generates about 100 to 150 sales daily.
I’m not special. I just followed a strict plan to build the foundations.
My niche, my branding, my products, listings, sales pages and content.
A plan that I still follow daily.
It is like this every day.
I'm making money from INFORMATION. From FILES.
I have a way to any problems a seller can go through.
Low views. Fixed.
Low sales. Fixed.
Here is Laura's one, crafted a few days ago.
To show you what's possible.
She basically shared with me that she was particularly good at creating macrame.
1️⃣ The first thing I’ve laid out on her plan is the exact transformation that she’s now offering.
She’s got so many tips and her own experience to share - with her tricks and projects she already created.
From my market research, I’ve found out that her audience struggle to find easy-to-follow resources and lack to find easy techniques.
2️⃣ So the plan will take her through creating the right solutions for them.
I’m asking her to re-create versions of existing bestsellers but adding her own tweak on it:
- macrame ultimate guide
- Basic notes
- And different patterns PDF
I’m also asking her to create a bigger 'course' to sell for more money: this ccould become the '90-day macrame mastery course.'
I also created a quiz for her that will suggest macramé tips and products based on people's answers.
Then, they can buy what they need straight from the automatic emails sequences she will prepare, for her to start selling even when she sleeps…
I’m also asking her to create a knot easy starter guide to offer for FREE for her to start collecting email addresses, so she can start building her following.
3️⃣ Now it’s time to sell. And we want to get going FAST.
We will first use Etsy, Shopify and then social media to get known and start bringing sales in.
I’m asking her to set up each listing in a specific way using my perfect match method strategy.
She’s got good competitors here but easy to compete with using my thumbnails templates, product descriptions, pricing strategy, and follow ups…




I’m taking her all the steps to take to set up her Shopify store.
And also explained her how she should market her course on social media by telling her exactly what to post on stories and on her videos.
THIS is exactly how you can make money every month following the same plan, making £30K and much more, by selling on Etsy, using emails, and social media.
You don't need to be an expert or have any special diplomas.
You can do it all from home, just by sharing what you already know.
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