Here is How We're Turning Calvin's Faith And Values into a £30k Month Business

Here is How We're Turning Calvin's Faith And Values into a £30k Month Business

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Here is exactly how Calvin will turn his faith into a kickass business, passively.

His story is still giving me chills...

This person reached out to me because he had a strong belief in something important to him: his faith.

He wanted to use his belief to start a business from home, but he wasn't sure where to begin.

He wanted his business to reflect his faith and values, but needed help figuring out what kind of business to start. So, he came to me for guidance on how to turn his faith into a meaningful business idea that he could run from home.

LET'S GO. Let's break this all down together.

It took me myself about 90 days to reach my first £30,000 a month from selling digital products using an Etsy store and my social media.

etsy sales from upstrider

upstrider sales

And if I’m doing it, anyone can too following my plan.

Following specific steps.

Those steps are tailored to you, your audience, the stage you are at, and based on your actual stage and situation.

I have formulas, steps and tools for almost everything I had to find answers for. Things that I couldn't find clear understanding and examples online.

Today, let's delve deeper into this customers story. Calvin.

So here is the context - we’re starting without any audience, no email list, no followers, no website, no Etsy store yet.


The only thing he wanted was to start something around his faith.

And so - create his products and audience around that.

He wanted to propose both physical products and use a print on demand company to fulfil his future orders, and also create digital products

You know me - I don’t recommend to use print on demand companies because you have 0 control over the quality of the products that arrive to your customers, you can’t really create a brand around them.

BUT digital products are extremely scalable and profitable so we will propose a bit of both.

The 1st thing we have to do is to find the exact problem that he’s solving, the outcome that we want to offer our audience.

And who is our audience, who do we sell to.

Everything starts from there.

Calvin will now be known for helping Christians and gift-givers find special faith-related products.

30k+ personalised plan from upstrider

The idea is to make it easy for people to bring their faith into daily life and give meaningful gifts that truly represent Christian values.

We basically did some really thorough research to find out exactly who we're trying to sell to. We figured out what they really need and what they really want based on their pain points, their fears, their struggles.

This helps us tailor our product suite.

upstrider 30k+ plan

So on his plan, I’ve asked him to get started from existing bestsellers in this niche, so small digital products marketed specially for them

We’ve found loads of them!!! So Calvin has no excuses than smashing it on Etsy… because he will know everything

Such as bible journals, bible reading checklist, and so much more.

I’ve asked him to follow my exact perfect match methods for his keywords and for the way he will put his title and tags together.

personalised 30k+ plan Etsy bestsellers

This method makes everyone who’s using it correctly rank 1st on Etsy

I’ve also asked him to follow my specific pricing and listings strategies so he can then convert his traffic into proper sales.

He can also have access to our PLR digital product library if he wants to pick ready made digital products and use it as a base to craft his own products.


PLR right to resell digital products membership

Access the PLR digital products library >>> HERE

I’ve then asked him to set up his email list and email automations so his ppl will be receiving automated emails every day to keep the contact and keep selling.

personalised 30k+ sales plan

To maximise his profit, I’ve also asked him to create a workshop focused on spiritual growth and personal development.

He will be able to use AI to create workshops and masterclasses. And sell them much more expensive thanks to sales pages that he will have to create.

He also has access to an entire personalised content plan so he knows what to post on social media and what to talk about on his emails to build trust and convert.

personalised 30k+ plan

Hundreds of mentees are currently following their plans and making amazing progress...

results of the 30k+ personalised plan from upstrider

It is just the beginning.

A new era.

This is how you build a business that brings you 30K+ a month consistently based on something that you already know and love to talk about.

The plan is only on applications from now to make sure we pick the right profile to work with.

We don't leave you until you reach your goals.

If you ever wanted to start, grow or scale your online business, here is where to apply to get your personalised plan, and work together:


The 30k+ Personalised Plan. 


Which plan or niche should I document next?


Chat soon,

Anne x

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