This customer is turning her AirBnb knowledge and tips into a £30,000/month business >>

This customer is turning her AirBnb knowledge and tips into a £30,000/month business >>

You can monetise anything you went through, achieved, or know - and this is exactly what Sabrina will be doing with her AirBnB and Property experience.
Sabrina is a data analyst, she's excelling at what she does but she's now desperate for time freedom.
She wants to be able to spend more time with her kids, while building a business that's meaningful to her - on the side.
Challenge accepted - I recognise myself in her. The only reason I started my own business was to have the ability to stay home with my kids while also financially contributing to the family, just as much as my husband.
Building a £30k+/month business from home using Etsy and socials is absolutely possible.
Upstrider team sticking a logo on the 30k+ Personalised Plan wall
There is a lot of time/energy involved when starting a business - BUT at least, YOU decide when, how and where you work from.
I've added her to our 30k+ wall to celebrate the beginning of a new journey for her.
The plan isn't for her to quit her job right away but to work on her personalised plan, go all-in on it, and put strong foundations in place for the next 90 days.
So - in her self-assessment, she shared that she launched an Airbnb business a while ago.
She rents properties from landlords and then puts them up on Airbnb. This is known as the 'Rent To Rent' strategy, where instead of living in a property, you rent it out to others, usually on sites like Airbnb.
She's been sharing her journey on TikTok and received lots of messages for advice.
👉 And that's exactly what we will be monetising.
Her 30k+ plan will take her through everything she needs to know and do.
Her plan goes from WEEK 1 to WEEK 12, with all the chronological tasks that she needs to work on and implement.
It also includes all the AI tools and prompts she will need to use to craft and create products, keywords, description, text copy, emails, product descriptions, sales pages, lea magnets, etc... so she's got everything she needs with her.
We went through an in-depth market research - so we know her audience/potential customers very well already.
They're for example concerned about the initial investment required for starting an Airbnb and the uncertainty of returns.
Because we now know a lot about who her audience is and what do they want, what do they need and what do they struggle with, we know what to create for them, we know what words to use so we can make them feel valued and understood.
There is a lot to learn also from existing bestsellers, data from existing competitors in the field and hot keywords to then craft the best strategy possible.
She knows exactly what mini digital products create from here, for Etsy.
She will need to follow my exact PERFECT MATCH SEO strategy, product description, entire shop set up, branding, USP, creatives, pricing strategy and my strict tactics on how to OUTPERFORM the competition listings.
I’ve then asked her next to create Airbnb Listing Optimisation Flashcards for ppl to grab for free, so she can start getting their contact details in exchange and continue to make money and market new products outside Etsy with email automation.
I then ask her to create a product recommendation quiz using AI again and propose ppl different products and tips based on their answers that will drive sales like crazy.
AirBnb Business Plan from Uptrider
Then next, I’ve asked her to put together a bigger offer: this could for example be a personalised coaching program offering 1:1 guidance on starting and growing a successful Airbnb business.
She will use her personalised content strategy to market her big offers on Instagram/Tiktok using stories and videos/posts following my proven own method that work for any niche/any field... as it is based on human psychology and sales principles.
I'm excited for her. She's fully commited so I have 0 doubts about how well she will do...
This is how you build a business that brings you 30k+ a month consistently from Etsy and social media, based on something you already know without having to be an expert or holding any diploma.
Ask anything in the comment section!
Chat soon x
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