This customer is now turning her digital products tips into a £30,000/month business >>

This customer is now turning her digital products tips into a £30,000/month business >>

Ok - Use what follows as inspiration and fuel:
Here is the crazy situation for Febuary.
I have made about £79,000 from selling my digital products online using an Etsy store and selling with stories and videos on social media.
And approximately £12,000 was earned through my Etsy store, this means an additional 1000 sales over the past 30 days compared to January!
From home, from my own living room, wile homeschooling my girls.
If you follow my journey since a while, you must know it already but it took me about 90 days to make my first £30,000 month. I have been documenting everything since I have started selling digital products.
I used to sell physical products before.
I started this entire journey in 2020 during the first lockdown and made my first million from Etsy alone, without social media.
But digital products are different.
They're very profitable.
If I can do this, anyone can too by following my plan, and implementing it.
Today, I’m taking you through the personalised plan that we've crafted for Amber who wants to sell more on sociald media too.
Here is her story:
Amber has been once a struggling mum herself, and struggled balancing work and family. But after trying different online business like Amazon or shipping physical products, she finally started to make money with selling digital products online.
And this is what we will monetise.
The 30k+ plan will help her optimise her strategies and scale even further.
Here is the plan for her:
1️⃣ Finding out the transformation to offer, a problem to solve.
2️⃣ Creating in-demand solutions for them.
3️⃣ Selling them via Etsy, Emails, Social media's stories and videos.



1️⃣ Based on her answers from her self-assessment, I've asked her to niche-down to a specific transformation: helping and empowering mums to earn money from home, from digital products, giving them more time for what matters most - their families. She will help them have access to valuable information from someone that has been there, and has lots of tips/content/advice to share.

2️⃣ Based on my market research, I’ve asked her to create or resell a few different digital products and offers that are already selling well from my Master Resell Rights Digital Products Library:
Small offers 👉 Create or resell small digital products like social media planners or content creation spreadsheets.
Mid-ticket offer 👉 Create or resell a mid-ticket offer which could be reselling my library as a whole for a bigger fee.
High-ticket offer 👉 And then creating her own high-ticket or repurpose the content that she’s learning from her 30k+ personalised plan to create her own business program for her audience, for her to maximise her profit.
Then next, I’m asking her to create free digital products such as a ‘find your niche’ flashcard in exchange of their contact details, for her to build her email list and social media following so she can start to build her following with automations using Artificial Intelligence.
The idea is also to set up a product personality recommendation quiz using Artificial Intelligence, so that people can take the quiz, get recommended products and offers from her, automatically.
I've asked her to craft specific questions and answers, and add tips and free value to it too. She will be using artificial intelligence to craft it all, very easily.
The quiz title can look like: 'Find the Right Digital Product to Skyrocket Your Income' with different questions/answers that will allow her to segment her audience and propose them the right bundle/offer...




She won't need to manually do anything once this is all set up as per my recommendations.

This is an excellent way to gather emails and convert quiz takers into sales down the line.
The idea is for us to build a system that brings us potential customers comntact details, and...SALES. DAILY.
I'm also showing her how to rank 1st on Etsy under each keyword she wants to rank her products for. I then show her what to say, and how to say it in her product descriptions for her to convert her traffic into sales. I also gave her the entire breakdown about all the steps to take to beat ANY competitors, that will be ranking for the same keywords as her.
It's all about standing out. And having the best listings and offer the best compared to her competitors.
I then broke down her entire content strategy for her audience to discover her, to understand who she is and what she can do for them, and to trust her and push them to desire what she sells.
She now knows:
- What to post on her stories every day.
- What kind of storytelling she needs to create on her newsletters
- What kind of elements she should include in her videos.
To sell her offers daily.


This is how you build a digital business that brings you 30K+ a month consistently. It works for me and plenty others that are making money from selling information.
From home.
From your living room.
So you can homeschool your kids and spend quality time with them.
So you can pay them classes and hire a private tutor for them. Daily.
So you can take control back, and live life on your own terms, for you and for them.


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