I'm bringing back the 30K+ application forms!

I'm bringing back the 30K+ application forms!


I went from 0.

To making my first £30,000 a month from selling digital products.

From selling digital offers.

And I'm helping others to achieve the same.

To walk on the same path. 

And following the same steps.

With a step by step plan.

And some of you will think that I’m completely crazy but I have brought back the application form process for the 30K+ Plan and I couldn’t be happier.

Since we went from proposing a personalised 30K+ Plan to a self-personalised Plan, so a Plan that can entirely be personalised by yourself, I have lost the contact with my customers.

It makes me reflect of the entire journey of why I built Upstrider and why we’ve done things the way we’ve done until now.

When I started Upstrider, the main focus and what makes me feel at my best to perform the best was delivering audits.

At the time, basically the first thing I’ve done and enjoyed so much was auditing people’s Etsy store, their auditing website.

Proposing them a better way to create their content, a better way to create their Etsy listings etc…

To this day, it’s something that brought me some much joy.

To know that I could make a difference in other people’s journey.

The problem is proposing something that’s completely personalised to my customers wasn’t sustainable in the long run.

Because you simply cant divide yourself.

So for a few months, I felt like disconnected to my customers.

With their situation, their struggles and to my business.
And I’ve lost this hunger and joy that the process brought me

Which reflect on me and my content.

So I know I’m taking the right decision to bring this application form process back.

To spend more time to understand who you guys are. What struggles are you facing right now.
And how I can solve them with you the exact way as I’ve done for myself.

And how you can implement the 30K+ Plan based on what you want to do, what you want to monetise. What you want to be known for.

And doing it all along with you and us a team.

So we are officially bringing back to application form and the self-assessment form

So before you can join, I know who you are and what situation you are in right now.

So I know how to help you further on your journey.

This Application Form contains 14 simple questions.

It's crafted to help me understand and evaluate your exact business stage, situation, and struggles.

It will then help us to offer you personalised mentoring and a tailored path to take.

So you can get started and make the most of your 30K+ Plan faster than ever, with my support every step of the way.


Application form Upstrider


👉 Apply for the 30K+ Plan HERE so the team and I can work together with you on finding your own niche, your own winning product suite and get you started fast on your plan.

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Discover The 30K+ Plan™

After you apply, you will receive a direct link to join and be redirected to complete a15-question Self-Assessment Form.This helps personalise your action plan for a custom 30K+ Plan. Based on your assessment and the market, the team and I will develop your niche, target audience, product offers, and content strategy report. As soon as you join, you'll receive immediate access to your 30K+ Plan and, within 3 days, your personalised report to make the most of it.