We've Helped Hannah Transforming Her Knowledge Into a £30k+/Mo with Digital Products

We've Helped Hannah Transforming Her Knowledge Into a £30k+/Mo with Digital Products


Today, I woke up to 140,380 Sales on Etsy from selling digital products. It's +100 more sales than yesterday.


I also made £5,460 in sales outside Etsy from my membership and my high ticket offer.


20 people signed up for my membership ready-to-resell digital products library, and 2 people have signed-up to receive their personalised business plan: The 30k+ Personalised Plan.

So can you.

Anyone can replicate that. 

Etsy sales from selling digital products
I'm consistently earning over £30,000+ a month because I did NOT stop at Etsy.
I use Etsy as a lead magnet and then promote bigger offers from my emails, and social media content.
I've decided to push further, created related products and services, and build a brand outside the marketplace too.
Making your first £1000, your first £5000, your first £10,000 /month online from selling digital products probably sounds far, untouchable... It sounds unreal.
I know it does.
BUT FCK. It's possible... It's there - for who wants to work hard, understand fundamentals, and sell.
It's not just about the sales or the numbers; it's about connecting with people, with a specific audience, understanding what they need, and using your passion/skillset/craft/knowledge to create something valuable for them.
If you knew me a few years ago - you would think: 'If she can do it, so I can too'.
Today, I'm taking you with me to show you the step by step 30k+ business plan we crafted for Hannah who wants to sell online too - so be ready to get inspired and motivated!

Hannah is a C-section Scar Massage specialist.

personalised 30k+ plan
She is already very busy giving in-person sessions with client, in North London. She's very good at what she does - and it shows.
BUT she would ideally like to start actively selling files and classes online, so she can reduce her one-on-one work and work more from home.
And Etsy is amazing for that. The platform allows you to get discovered worldwide and fast.
People that are actively looking for solutions are typing keywords to find products that they’re looking for.
That’s the first thing she will have to put her focus on.
We had to look for answers and do some market research FIRST.


personalised sales plan on how to sell digital products using etsy and social media
We found out that 21% of births are via C-sections, and there's a growing demand for scar care, body positivity and self-care as for young mums.
1st thing to do TO START/GROW OR SCALE ANY BUSINESS is to know exactly who do we want to help, and HOW. We want to start solving ONE problem, and get paid for it.


personalised sales plan from upstrider with results 
Hannah will now be known online for empowering post-C-section mothers with digital guides, challenges, printable, classes and courses on effective scar massage and recovery, helping them regain confidence and comfort in their own bodies, regardless of the time since their surgery.

I’m then asking her to get started from what sells well in this niche, so small digital products marketed specially for them such as guides about pain management, scar massage challenge, and healing progress charts.
I’m asking her to follow my exact perfect match methods for her keywords to get found from Etsy and Google directly.
She will also need to follow my specific pricing, creatives and listings strategies so she can rank 1st and convert her traffic into sales.
I then ask her to create a product recommendation quiz for them to 'Discover Their Ideal Post-C-Section Solution". She will use AI to craft it all, with tailored products + tips depending on her customers answers.
A quiz is incredibly POWERFUL to collect email addresses from engaged potential customers, so you can build your list fast + build trust + SELL down the line WITHOUT YOU BEING PHYSICALLY TALKING TO YOUR CUSTOMERS.


I’ve then asked her to create a simple subscription-based membership offering monthly guidance.
To maximise her profit, she will also have to create a workshop series or custom recovery plans - offering more comprehensive content that can be priced higher.
She will sell from her emails, and from her social media through stories and video content.
She will include the exact elements I’m asking her to, for her to sell daily from her content on social media with her personalised content plan.
Hannah is extremely determined.
Everything she needs to do to get seen and get discovered from Etsy. And grow/scale outside of it, and create a brand.
I’m here in case she needs any help or feedback all along.
This is how you build a business that brings you £30,000+ a month consistently based on any topic that you already know, master a bit more than others and love to talk about.
Take 2024 seriously. It's time to change.





EDIT: A few weeks later, here is what Hannah sent us!

 30k+ personalised plan results upstrider
15 new sign-ups for her membership over the last couple of days...
She is making an incredible progress since working on it.
And I had to share.
Hoping to shake you. To motivate you. To show you what's possible when you are COMMITTED to an outcome, to a result, to helping, to serving an audience.
Your audience.
A specific group of people that has specific needs and wants.
Your audience is waiting for SOMEONE to help them with whatever challenges they're facing.
For someone to show up.
For someone to promote solutions so they know they exist.


personalised 30k+ plan results from upstrider anne maud


Hannah very recently decided to start putting her membership in place and her sales page together.
She then launched a mini FREE challenge with her email list + socials and followed up with emails to redirect her people to her membership sales page.
And then >>>> 15 sign-ups within 2 days.
From her socal media and email list...
And the truth is...
It is just the beginning for her because she now knows how to sell from her stories, from her short-form videos, from her emails too... based on the personalised content strategy outlined in her 30k+ plan crafted for her.
I'll keep you posted on her progress.
I'm excited to follow her journey as much as you are.
It's time to believe in ourselves, in our capabilities.
You can. And you will.
No matter what it takes.
Chat soon x

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