This customer is turning her running skills and tips into a £30,000/month digital business with digital products >>

This customer is turning her running skills and tips into a £30,000/month digital business with digital products >>


Within the last 4 weeks, I've generated about £80,000 with digital products that I sell through my Etsy store and my social media stories and videos.


This has been like this since months.

And it keeps increasing... because I'm getting better at my own game.

And if I do this, anyone can by following my plan.


It is a personalised 3-step plan.


Today, let’s create a personalised step by step business plan for Rebecca who wants to start selling digital products starting from scratch.


Following the exact same strategy as I have myself.


upstrider office living room 

So let's start.

Rebecca is starting this business from scratch.

On her application form, she basically shared about how running has improved her mental state. She basically learnt how to turn her anger and negative thoughts into motivation to become an exceptional runner.

And that's exactly what we're going to use to build her business on. 

Here is the plan breakdown:

1️⃣ We will first understand what PROBLEM she solves and what transformation she can offer to her audience.

2️⃣ We will then create solutions for them with digital products and offers.

3️⃣ And I will then show her exactly how to sell them on Etsy and on Social media.


1️⃣ So because she shared that she learnt how to turn her anger and negative thoughts into motivation to become an exceptional runner and that she has so much experience and tips to share, she will now be known for helping runners of all levels achieve their full potential and overcome all the obstacles and challenges that they're facing in their running journey.

She will be making their journey less scary and more achievable to help them achieve their goals, a personal record or even their first race.

She won’t be just helping people run; she will be helping them discover their best selves through running, with a focus on both physical fitness and mental well-being.

She will be guiding them through easy to follow training, tips, challenges, guides, spreadsheets, and techniques she learned.



I discovered through market research that her audience includes many ppl who feel anxious or depressed, showing a big need for fitness programs that help with mental health. People want digital options that are easy to access and affordable because they're busy and on a budget.



I also found out that our audience lacks motivation and accountability to stick with a running routine and Struggle with mental barriers such as anxiety, stress, or lack of confidence related to running.




So I've asked Rebecca to create solutions for them, BUT not any type of solutions…

To create her products and offers, she will have access to Artificial Intelligence prompts to create them faster and in-depth.

We want to create products and offers that are already proven to sell well.

We want to take what works and do better. And beat the competition. To become the go-to in our industry.

Based on her target audience pain points, here are the solutions:

👉 Mini digital products to sell on Etsy and Shopify

Her Audience Pain Point: Lack of motivation and accountability to stick with a running routine.

Product Idea: 30-Day Running Streak Challenge (Challenge)

Her Audience Pain Point: Difficulty finding a running plan that fits their specific goals and lifestyle.

Product Idea: Building a Personalised Training Plan (How-to Guide) 

Her Audience Pain Point: Struggle with mental barriers such as anxiety, stress, or lack of confidence related to running.

Product Idea: The Runner's Mindset (Educational E-Book) 

👉 A mid-ticket offer to sell through content

Advanced Running Techniques Workshop
A detailed course on advanced running techniques, biomechanics, and personalised feedback sessions.

👉 A high-ticket offer to sell through content

Personalised Marathon Coaching
One-on-one coaching for marathon preparation, including custom training plans, nutrition advice, and mental coaching.




Next, I've also asked her to create a few free digital products to offer for free to her audience so that she can start collecting email addresses from Etsy and her social media.

The plan is to create free digital products that they will get value from, as much as if they would pay money for it. 

  • Runner's Nutrition Cheatsheet: What to Eat Before, During, and After Your Runs
    A quick-reference guide outlining optimal nutritional choices for energy, performance, and recovery.

  • The Ultimate Injury Prevention Cheatsheet for Runners
    Essential tips and exercises to prevent common running injuries.

  • Runners' Stretching Flashcards: Key Moves for Flexibility and Recovery
    A set of flashcards demonstrating essential stretching exercises for runners, aimed at improving flexibility and aiding recovery.


MRR (Master-Resell-Rights Digital Products Library) Resource:

She can have access to the Master Resell Rights Library where she will find tons of digital products for her to use, rebrand and resell in the fitness niche category.

Rebecca can also resell the library access to her audience for a fee or as a membership for recurring revenue.



She now also knows how to set up her sign-ups forms, and how to promote her lead magnets so she can start building an email list and following fast.



The idea is also to set up a product personality recommendation quiz using Artificial Intelligence, so that people can take the quiz, get recommended products and offers from her, automatically.

I've asked her to craft specific questions and answers, and add tips and free value to it too. She will be using artificial intelligence to craft it all, very easily.

She won't need to manually do anything once this is all set up.

This is an excellent way to gather emails and convert quiz takers into sales down the line.

The idea is for us to build a system that brings us leads, and sales daily.



Then next, THE REAL GAME. Selling.

I'm asking her to set up an Etsy store first.

I'm taking her through everything she needs to know and do to craft her listings and optimise them properly.

Her SEO with my perfect march method. Her cohesive branding for her audience. Her specific marketplace pricing strategy. Her high-converting product descriptions. Her drag-and-drop thumbnails following my template. Each picture of her listings which should include all the elements of a sales page. Her follow ups to push people to come back for more. Her automations for her sell without having to do anything manually. Her banner to build her email list…



I'm showing her how to rank 1st on Etsy under each keyword she wants to rank her products for.

I then show her what to say, and how to say it for her to convert her traffic into sales.

I also gave her the entire breakdown about all the steps to take to beat ANY competitors, that will be ranking for the same keywords as her.

It's all about standing out. And having the best listings and offer the best compared to her competitors.



I then broke down her entire content strategy for her audience to discover her, to understand who she is and what she can do for them, and to trust her and push them to desire what she sells.

She now knows:

- What to post on her stories every day.

- What kind of storytelling she needs to create on her newsletters

- What kind of elements she should include in her videos.


To sell her offers daily.


This is how you get to your first £30,000 a month selling digital products and offers.


From home.


From your living room.

So you can homeschool your kids and spend quality time with them.

So you can pay them classes and hire a private tutor for them. Daily.


Hundreds of mentees are currently following their plans and making amazing progress...





The MRR Digital Product Library:
The 30k+ Personalised Plan (on application only):


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