68 Etsy sales and £2,041 in 1 day from selling my knowledge and digital tools >>>

68 Etsy sales and £2,041 in 1 day from selling my knowledge and digital tools >>>

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Everyone wants more money.

I'm sure you want too.

I'm sure you need too.

And on top of this, everyone wants to get paid from something they truly enjoy doing.

And be free.

That's the goal.

But only A FEW understand how to.

How to sell a product to someone that needs it.

BUT not only.

How to sell something that is digitally created so that once created, you don't need to create it again, or ship it.

My life has completely changed since I've started to create products and offers digitally and sell them online.

Yesterday for example, I closed the day at 154,203 sales on Etsy from selling digital products by monetising something I had knowledge about – which means I have made 68 sales extra within the last 24h.

From creating around sales and marketing.

Because it's a topic I'm obsessed about.

I also made £2,041 from my high-ticket offer. (The 30K+ Plan)

So about £2,500 in total made from selling digital products in one day.

In 24h.

I know it is so 'cliché' to say because this is heard so many times but I used to make the same amount of money in a month as a waitress, in Chelsea (London) a few years ago.

Working for someone else.

Following their rules.

Sticking to their schedules.

No holidays. Nothing.

BUT not anymore.

No matter how long I've been doing this, I'm forever grateful and amazed at what can be done with digital files that you can promote online when you learn how to sell them properly.

I have gone through so much trials, so much errors.

And I always tried to replicate what was working.

While ditching what wasn't.

So forever grateful for people – mums, parents, creators, small business owners – that led the way before me.

Otherwise, I would have never knew what was possible.

This is happening because one day, I've decided to help a group of people achieve something.

A result.

An outcome.

A better life

I created a few offers, price them differently so people can start with small digital products from me, and then evolve towards the main solution.

The sale happened yesterday because this customer discovered me on Etsy. She bought one listing directly from my store. And then came back again to buy a second.

And a third.

She also started to receive emails from me where I talk about my story, etc...

Everything works as a system.

I have a built a money making machine.

Ethically. Based on something I knew that can help others.

And this is priceless.

It's all about leveraging what you know.

Creating products that your old-self would have needed.

And learn how to sell them. The right way.

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I will be helping Hedda who wants to start too. And I couldn't be more excited.

She will leverage what she knows and leverage her own story.

Unique to herself. Solving a problem that SHE achieved herself.

On her audit form she filled before starting on her journey with me, she talked about the fact that she loved created templates for websites, and she wants to teach others how to create them – because it helped generating sales herself.

This is exactly what we will leverage.

Through a plan, I will ask her to create her winning products suite.

List a few digital products on Etsy and optimise them properly.
And list her main bundle or offer on a sales page.

And build a system that works on auto with emails and social media content to sell it properly.

You need to understand that there is something else waiting for you.

You need to know and convince yourself that there is something WITHIN YOU that has to be leveraged.

A mission.

Something you've accomplished yourself that can help someone that didn't reach that yet.

To be able to get paid from what you know.

If you want to find that out, fill this audit form here so we can have a look into you and your skillset together >>> 


It's simple.

But most don't believe they could help, or make a difference.

So they just don't.

Hope this fires you up.

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