🔥  How Amy is Turning Her Canva Tips into a £30K+ a Month Business with Digital Products from Scratch

🔥 How Amy is Turning Her Canva Tips into a £30K+ a Month Business with Digital Products from Scratch

It is Thursday, 23rd May..
I woke up this morning to £822,559 so far from selling digital products following a specific marketing plan.
So today - it was a £5K payout directly into my bank account. 🙏
This evening, I'm reaching 151,687 sales from Etsy alone.
It's mad.
I still think it is crazy when I compare what I make now, and what I used to make as a waitress not so long time ago.
Following a plan with actionable steps has completely changed my life.
Focus on the right next step and on money-making tasks is a total game changer.
I now generate my entire money from my small digital products on Etsy, my mid-ticket offer and my high-ticket offer.
Here is the quick set up that I have live and running right now:
👉 31 Low ticket products for Etsy
👉 1 Mid-ticket offer
👉 1 High ticket offer
And they all generate money daily since the entire setup works on auto.
I'm a mum of 2 so if I do it, anyone can too following the same set-up.
You can literally monetise ANYTHING with the right plan.
ANYTHING you know that can help someone else.
Amy joined the 30K+ Plan yesterday, and here is how she will generate her first 30K month within 90 days too. Consistently, by following the exact same plan.
Before signing up, she explained to me that she loved using Canva. (FREE content creation software)
And asked me how she could monetise her content creation tips around that platform.
The first thing she will do is to find the exact problem that she wants to solve by going through a niche discovery exercise from the plan
It will take her literally 10mn to find that out - and crafting the best unique selling proposition for her to start building her business on.
👉 She will now help content creators and small business owners create professional content easily using Canva tips and templates. She will offer simple, actionable advice so they can stand out online without wasting time or struggling with design challenges.
Next, she will use my specific target audience AI prompt and will be able to discover that her audience fears not being able to stand out.
They don't want to waste time. They struggle with design skills and creativity blocks and tend to think that they will never be able to create anything on their own.
So we can now create solutions for them.
We don’t want to do new, we want to take what works and do better in the same niche.
We want here to create digital products marketed specifically for them and their pain points using my digital product generator or our digital product library so:
👉 For Etsy, this could be: Social Media Templates Pack, Email Marketing Templates, DIY Branding Workbook
👉 For her mid-ticket offer, it could be: a Digital Marketing Bundle:
👉 Her high-ticket offer could be: a Canva Content Creation Mastery Course where she literally gives all her secrets away.
First, we want to list our highest ticket offer on a sales page. She will be using my high-converting sales page template.
Then, she will create digital products to offer for free in exchange of their contact details on a sign-up form such as a Content Creation Checklist.
She can use her mock-ups creator to create her graphics.
She will then set up an automatic email sequence following my storytelling email marketing strategy that will get delivered automatically as soon as someone joins her email list.
Then, we will leverage Etsy to gain organic traffic by listing digital products based on what sells well already following my exact SEO, pricing, competitive offers and follow-up strategy that I’ve been using to generate 151,000 sales so far on Etsy. Each sale EQUALS one potential returning buyer for her high-ticket Canva Content Creation Course.
Then we can finally scale and use social media the exact same way as I do daily on my story and reels, with my ready-made scripts and AI prompts. She will need to document how mastering Canva has transformed her content creation journey, all about new members joining her course and answer a few questions daily.
30k members are smashing it EVERY SINGLE DAY following this marketing plan - and I’m completely blown away by the amount of sales that they can generate too...
This is how you make 30k monthly easily from something you already know from home without any diploma, any experience or any followers.
🔥 You can get more info or get started to follow the 30K+ Plan™ itself by CLICKING HERE.
Hope this fires you up.
Monetise what you know.
Go create.
And serve an audience.
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