💥 Here is Daniela's £30K/month plan to turn her sewing passion into a digital products business and how you can too >>

💥 Here is Daniela's £30K/month plan to turn her sewing passion into a digital products business and how you can too >>

Sunday 26th May.
This evening, I'm just about to close the day with 97 sales from Etsy generated from my small digital products and at £3,088 from my mid and high-ticket offer.
Because I followed a plan.
I want you to look at these numbers here - and visualise your own mobile screen here. 
They're yours.
What does it feel like?
How life would be?
What would you do with it?
What would you plan?
Whatever the situation you're in right now, I want you to ACCEPT that getting paid from something valuble you list online can be possible.
You may have already made a few ££/$$ but it isn't as consistent as you want it to be. OR you may be starting from complete scratch.
It doesn't even matter.
You can do better.
You can get better results.
The MAIN reasoning that saved me from total frustration when I was struggling to sell as much as I wanted to was reminding myself 'There must be something you're not doing well enough, not doing enough of, or not doing at all.'
Because others were doing it.
And this saved me.
You don't know what you don't know. This thought kept me going.
It was just a matter of time and focus to understand and develop the right strategies, and I knew it.
Because each time, I kept reminding myself 'There is nothing wrong about me, I am capable and I will freaking figure this entire digital product marketing out.'
Low sales didn't define my worth.
They don't define yours either.
If I do this and capable of driving daily sales to my digital products and mid/high ticket offers, anybody can too following the same plan.
Personalised to their own niche.
Daniela joined the 30K+ Plan a few days ago. Let me show you how she plans to start selling digital products from scratch using the exact same plan as mine which she will personalise for her niche and audience with strategic AI prompts.
Before Daniela joined the plan, she reached out on What's App through the link in my sales page - because she wasn't sure which niche to choose, what problem to solve or what to monetise to start her business on.
We discovered together that she could monetise her knowledge and passion for sewing, handmade projects and crafting.
I encourage everyone to ask questions before joining, so you have a clearer understanding of how to get started with it.
The niche and the way you want to help ppl through your digital products and offers matter. Everything starts from there.
This is exactly what the 30K+ Plan™ starts with.
Through the plan's step-by-step self-discovery exercise, she identified the EXACT WAY she will be helping her audience and confirmed there was demand for it.
She will now help and support crafters and sewing beginners create beautiful garments and projects with easy-to-follow patterns, tips, and digital tools.
Now - by using specific AI prompts, she will discover that sewing beginners struggle with clear instructions and managing supplies, and they want to avoid costly mistakes.
We can then now craft THE RIGHT solutions for them.
The plan is first to create small digital products marketed specially for them for Etsy as we want to leverage organic traffic from the marketplace such as:
👉 Printable Sewing Patterns Bundles
👉 Different Sewing Planners
👉 Video tutorials series
She will have to list these products following my exact SEO, listing pictures, pricing, competitive offers and follow-ups strategy to create perfect match listings - the same strategy I have been using myself to generate 151,000 sales so far on Etsy.
Each sale = one potential returning buyer for her high ticket offer.
Etsy products will act as lead magnets to get discovered fast.
Then, she will offer a sewing checklist to offer for free in exchange of their contact details on a sign-up form that she will promote everywhere on her store.
The plan will THEN take her through the entire set-up of her high ticket offer.
We want to list ONE main offer on a high-converting sales page template such as a Sewing Mastery Course which could cover everything from basic stitches to advanced techniques and add an order bump such as a bundle of patterns to maximise her profit.
She will also set up an automated email sequence using my storytelling strategy, delivering sewing tips, insights, and stories as soon as someone joins her email list, to promote her high-ticket offer.
Then, we can scale using social media with the ready-made scripts and prompts, tailored for her sewing audience. We'll showcase new sewing course members, share course results and updates, and answer questions to promote her sewing course.
30K+ members are selling every single day - and I’m completely blown away by the progress they are quickly making online...
This is how you make 30k monthly easily from something you already know from home without any diploma, any experience or any followers.
🔥 You can get more info or get started to follow the 30K+ Plan™ itself by CLICKING HERE.
Hope this fires you up.
Go monetise what you know.
The world is waiting for what YOU have to offer.
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